Who are we?

The Natal Carbineers is a Reserve Force Regiment in the South African National Defence Force.
We are all volunteers who serve in the SANDF over and above civilian occupation. We view this service as importantly as you might view community service through Rotary, Round Table or Religious Groups.
The Regiment currently fulfills the role of a Motorized Infantry Battalion in the Infantry Formation of the SANDF.
During peace time, it is the duty of the Regiment to train and prepare the next generation of leaders and specialists for any threat to the sovereignty of our country and its democracy.
To this end, members of the Regiment attend leadership courses, in house training and at least one training exercise of a week or two, on an annual basis.
All training is carried out under the expert guidance of qualified instructors and we aim to make your stay in the Regiment as happy, safe, exciting and rewarding as possible.
“If you want peace, prepare for war”

The Carbineer Family

Target Shooting
The Regimental Shooting Team has been a force to be reckoned with, both nationally and internationally since the inception of the Regiment. The team shoots monthly on a Saturday or Sunday and participates in both Combat Rifle and Bisley type military competitions.
The Regimental Band
Founded in 1892, the Regimental Band is a military band comprised entirely of volunteers, most of whom provide their own instruments. The band members cover the entire age spectrum from scholars to our most senior members. The band practices on Thursday evenings and performs in 8 to 10 public appearances annually, in addition to Regimental Duties.
The Pipes and Drums
The Pipe Band is, like the rest of the Regiment, also filled by volunteers. They practice on Tuesday evenings and perform at regular public functions.
The Sports Association
Since 1865 members of the Natal Carbineers have taken part in numerous sports under our own badge. We boast the youngest winner of the Comrades Marathon, Phil Masterton – Smith, who achieved this feat in 1931. Our athletic team achieved great heights in the armed forces competitions of World War II.
We are currently represented in numerous disciplines including
Junior Football
Pigeon Racing
as well as cultural activities such as,
Amateur Radio
Family History
These Clubs and Societies are open to all applicants who comply with the individual Club’s and the Regiment’s criteria and requirements.

Contact the Natal Carbineers in one of the following ways and we will assist you in participating within the Regiment in your chosen activity.
Telephone:     033-3941354 – office hours
Fax:                033-3941356
e-mail:           carbs@carbs.co.za
Write:              Natal Carbineers
P.O.Box 38

or call in at the Regimental Headquarters at the Drill Hall in Geere Street, Pietermaritzburg, on a Tuesday evening between 18H00 and 19H00.


4 Responses to Who are we?

  1. Volker Rose says:

    I was a member of this regiment from 1971 to 1978. I did three tours to Namibia. 1976,1977 and 1978.

  2. George Michael Britz says:

    I’m thinking of volunteering in combat activity,how and what is required of me,I’m a carbineer

  3. Ed van Gass says:

    Hello, Would you please tell me more about what happened to Geoff C. Jefferson, the band master. Ed van Gass vangasser@gmail.com

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